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Prevent These Common AC Problems

A common concern among homeowners and business owners is keeping a comfortable environment for families, workers, and clients. Having a functioning air conditioning system is crucial to keeping the family happy and fulfilling obligations to the public, so it makes sense that people should understand how to look out for and prevent common air conditioner problems. 

For education on common AC problems, turn to local HVAC specialists. With their years of experience in the field, they offer valuable insight into common problems to look out for and prevent them before they arise. 

Weak Airflow

Poor airflow is a common complaint amongst homeowners. When airflow isn’t consistent, it can make homes uncomfortable by leaving hot and cold spots around the house and failing to remove all of the humidity. 

Under normal circumstances, airflow coming from vents should be cold and noticeable. When the airflow is weak, it is a sign that something is wrong. Additionally, weak airflow could lead to other problems if it isn’t dealt with quickly. 

The first thing to check when dealing with poor airflow would be the system’s filter. A clogged filter can prevent the blower from adequately pushing air through the system. If clogged filters stay in service for too long, the coils could freeze over, and the air conditioner will be out of service until it is defrosted. If filters are clean, but airflow is still poor, there could be trouble with the blower. 

Regardless of the cause of weak airflow, seasonal maintenance is the best way to prevent problems. Filter changes and blower inspections are routine steps in seasonal maintenance. 

Leaks in Refrigerant Linesrefrigerant

A common cause of a loss of cooling power can be attributed to low refrigerant pressures. Low refrigerant pressures are always a result of leaks in the refrigerant lines. In a perfect world, refrigerant is pumped into the unit, where it would stay until the day the AC was replaced. However, problems arise that allow it to leak out of piping. 

The most common cause of refrigerant leaks is due to corrosive damage to piping and coils. Routine cleaning of the coils can remove caustic chemicals that condense onto AC coils. The easiest way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to have the coils cleaned during routine maintenance by a professional. 

Lost Power To the UnitHVAC

Losing power to an air conditioner is a frustrating scenario. Power can be lost to the thermostat or the unit, rendering the whole system inoperational. Figuring out where the power is being lost can be difficult for a customer, but the first thing to check is the breaker that serves the unit. 

Often breakers trip because the AC unit is drawing too much power. This can be due to things like:

  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Long cooling cycles
  • Refrigerant pressures that are too high or low
  • Dirty coils

Most of these causes are preventable by scheduling routine maintenance. Most often, routine maintenance is a biannual service offered by HVAC professionals. By signing up for routine AC maintenance, homeowners can save money by preventing problems that cause an interruption in service. 

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