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How to Tell When it is Time for Air Duct Repair

The only downside of the quest for energy efficiency in homes is air quality. When air is allowed to sit stagnant in a home without being refreshed by outdoor air, it collects dust, allergens and humidity. When people are stuck indoors, they are constantly exposed to low-quality air. 

One of the ways that engineers have devised to keep air quality high inside the home is to have the HVAC system constantly improve the air. HVAC systems accomplish this by removing humidity and particles from the air. Unfortunately, the HVAC system can become more of a hindrance to health than a help over the years. 

The HVAC system mainly contributes to low indoor air quality with dirty and unreliable ductwork. All of the air in a home flows through ductwork, so one should take every care to ensure that it is always ready to keep the air healthy and HVAC systems efficient. Here are a few suggestions from local experts to help homeowners notice problems in their air ducts and understand why air duct repair is so important to the function of HVAC systems. 

Signs of Damage in Air Ducts bad smell

Air ducts are crucial to the health of those living in the home but are also essential for efficient operation. Any problems in air ducts tend to compound, causing several problems that can only be reversed by duct repair. Noticing the signs that air ducts are damaged can help prevent delays in repairs that contribute to poor health and high bills. These signs are: 

  • Strange Odors: Holes in ductwork or missing insulation can fuel mold growth and mildew inside the ductwork. As air moves through the ducts it picks up spores that contribute to musty odors in the home. 
  • Unusual Noises: Ductwork is anchored upon installation. As it expands and contracts with cooling and heating cycles it can pull itself apart and pull its anchors loose. 
  • Airflow Problems: When ductwork is damaged it can cause uneven cooling around the home or totally restrict airflow in the whole home. 

Benefits of Air Duct Upgrades and Replacementbenefits

Duct manufacturers recommend that homeowners replace ductwork every 25 years. To justify this, they cite health concerns and loss of efficiency, leading to higher bills than necessary. Some of the benefits that homeowners can realize when they replace their air ducts are: 

  • Quieter operation
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Cleaner air
  • Improved Health
  • Lower carbon footprint 

How Do Professionals Perform Air Duct Repair 

Duct repair and replacement are a jobs for professionals. Not only does the job require work in confined spaces like attics, but it also must be done with craftsmanship so that homeowners get all of the benefits of duct replacement. Air ducts are usually made of several different types of materials, each using a different process to accommodate repairs. 

Most air ducts are made of rolled sheet metal. When they fail, it is usually due to rust or a collapse. HVAC professionals simply replace the damaged section to repair these common air ducts. 

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