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How Air Filters Can Help Your Allergy Symptoms

Amid the current global situation, allergy sufferers are at an even greater risk for anxiety about their symptoms in public, especially a cough or a sneeze. While everyone must do their part and stay at home, wear masks, and wash their hands, it can be hard to control allergies. One solution for managing your symptoms at home is with an air filter.

The most common allergens are pet dander, smoke, and air pollution. While these may bother some people all year, during the spring, allergies become a problem for more people. Air purifiers work by pushing the air in the home through a filter, or a series of filters, which will contain the particles.

Using an air-purifying filter to remove allergens from the air can work wonders for your allergy symptoms by removing the source of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

The Benefits of HEPA Filters

HEPA filtersHigh-Efficiency Particle Filters are a type of filter that is commonly found in air purifiers. HEPA filters work by pushing the air through layers of fine mesh to take out particles in the air such as dust, pollen, and animal dander (that are common sources of allergy symptoms).

You can find HEPA filters in Honeywell air purifiers, NISPIRA air purifiers, and more. Air purifiers such as the GermGuardian combine the power of HEPA filters with that of other technologies to maximize the benefits.

How Can Charcoal Filters Help Allergies?

charcoal filters

Another type of filter that is commonly used to improve air quality is a charcoal filter. Charcoal filters are also sometimes called activated carbon filters as well.

These kinds of filters are a powerful natural solution to air purification, removing particles, bad odors, and allergens in the air.

When used in combination with a HEPA filter you can get incredible results from using a carbon activated filter in your home. Because of the high absorbency of activated carbon, more particles such as pollen are retained in the filter.

What Are HEPA Eco Mode Filters?

eco friendlyThese filters are the most beneficial type for allergies. HEPA air filters with activated carbon can retain even more particles to further improve the quality of air. One thing you may be concerned about is their safety and impact on the environment.

However, their filtration is completely safe and natural. To save money on your energy bill and be eco-friendly, there are some that come with an “eco mode.” These high-tech air purifiers will detect the air quality in the room and adjust the power of the air purifier to use the optimal amount to save energy.

Another way that HEPA eco mode filters save energy is by cutting off after a certain amount of time, or when the air quality has reached an acceptable level. Not only will this leave you with cleaner air and fewer season allergy symptoms, but also it can help lower your energy costs, which is a win-win for all homeowners.

Let a Local Air Quality Specialist Help!

AAA Modern Air provides expert air quality control and AC services to the Dania Beach, FL area and beyond. They are devoted to the comfort and safety of their community and are excited to let you know more about how they can improve the air quality in your home. Their team of skilled AC technicians is well versed in everything cooling and air quality.